Showcase Programme

Transport Research and Innovation at TRI on its 25th anniversary

09.00  Introduction and Welcome to the Conference – Prof Pat Langdon, Chair
09:05Welcome Presentation by Prof Nick Antonopoulos, Vice Principal of Research and Innovation, Edinburgh Napier University
09:15Keynote presentation: ‘What transport research does Scotland need for the next 25 years?’ – Prof Iain Docherty, Dean, Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Stirling
09:35‘TRI Planning for the next 5 years’ – Prof Pat Langdon, Interim Head of TRI
Climate, Environment and Health – (9:50-10:55)
09:50‘Public Health within transport planning: A radical step or overdue?’ – Prof Adrian Davis, TRI
 ‘From evidence to action. The importance of walking to transport policy and planning’ – Stuart Douglas, Paths for All
 ‘Future Flight Challenge Phase 2 HEART Hydrogen-Electric and Automated Regional Transportation’ – Andy Smith, Loganair
 ‘Future Flight Challenge Phase 2 HEART – Public opinion of Electric Hydrogen Automated Aviation’ – Dr Greg Fountas, TRI
10:40Q&A and Discussion Session
10:55Comfort break
Post-Covid-19 Behavioural Change – (11:10-12:35)
11:10‘Project CAV Forth’ – Louise Simpson, Head of Operational Standards, Stagecoach UK Bus
 ‘CAV Forth Pilot Autonomous Bus Project – Consumer viewpoint’ – Dr Achille Fonzone, TRI
 ‘Scottish Borders 20mph and Spaces for People’ – Philippa Gilhooly, Scottish Borders Council
 ‘Evaluation of the 20 mph speed limit in the Scottish Borders’ – Dr Greg Fountas/Prof Adrian Davis, TRI
 ‘The Surflogh project: Greening the last mile’ – Dr Jonathan Cowie, TRI & Keith Fisken, SEStran Partnership
 ‘Impact of COVID-19 on travel behaviour, transport, lifestyles and location choices in Scotland’ – Lucy Downey
12:20Q&A and Discussion Session
Inclusive and Sustainable – Prof Adrian Davis, Chair – (13:00-14:05)
13:00‘Parking management as game changer for urban mobility’ (Park4SUMP) – Susan Tully, TRI
 ‘Parking standards as a steering instrument in urban and mobility planning’ (Park4SUMP) – Martina Hertel, Deutsches Institut für Urbanistikg GmbH (German Institute of Urban Affairs)
 ‘Co-operative planning for street space in neighbourhoods: SUNRISE’ – Prof Christiane Bielefeldt, TRI; Michael Glotz-Richter, Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Mobility, Urban Development & Housing, Bremen
 ‘Gender inequality in the 21st century: DIAMOND evidence’ – Prof Wafaa Saleh, TRI
13:50Q&A and Discussion Session
TRI Learning and Education – (14:05-15:00)
14:05Transport teaching in the TRI (MSc programme) – Dr Jonathan Cowie
 ‘The influence of Active Road Studs on Safe Driving Behaviour’ – Richard Llewellyn, TRI
 ‘Gaining the bigger picture’ –  Andrew Keba
 ‘Napier TRI: A life changing family’ – Eric Lesley
14:40Q&A and Discussion Session
Concluding remarks
14:55TRI and the Urgent Challenges – Prof Pat Langdon
15:00Event closes