7th Annual Electric Vehicle Event Programme – Air Transport

10:00Dr Stathis Tingas, Prof Tariq MuneerWelcome and Host
10:10Professor Panos Laskaridis, Cranfield UniversityElectrified Aircraft: Demand, Challenge or Solution?
10:30Amy Irvine, ZeroAvia‘Practical Zero Emission Aviation’
10:50Simon Webb, Aerospace Technology Institute (UK)‘Fly Zero – Enabling Zero Carbon Emission Flight’
11:10David Shaw, Non Executive Director, B-N Group‘The Britten-Norman Islander Goes Green’
11:30Professor Andreas Strohmayer, Head of Department Aircraft Design, University of Stuttgart’25 years of Electric flight at University of Stuttgart’
11:50Maria Fiskerud, Project Lead for the Nordic Network for Electric Aviation‘Nordics as a Forerunner Towards Zero Carbon Aviation’
12:10Lunch and comfort break
12:45Professor Pat Langdon, Edinburgh Napier University‘Edinburgh Napier University’s Transport Research Institute (TRI) has a green flying HEART!’
13:05Dr Pascual Marques, President of Marques Aviation Ltd‘Trends in design of the electrical system in solar UAVs’
13:25Gp Capt Gordon Woolley‘International Regulatory approaches to Electric Air Vehicles
13:45Jeff Engler, CEO, Wright Electric Inc‘The Future of Air Transport’
14:05Professor Ian McAndrew, Dean of Doctoral Programs, Capitol Technical UniversityWill electric powered aircraft ever be commercially possible?’
14:25Closing remarks
14:30Event ends