EV School Workshop – Tuesday 12th October (10am-3pm)

A workshop for secondary school pupils entitled “Accelerating the Electric Vehicle Revolution” is organised by Edinburgh Napier University (Dr Stathis Tingas, Dr Viviani Onishi, Professor Tariq Muneer, Yvonne Lawrie) and supported by Edinburgh College (Dr Ross Milligan), for the 12th of October 2021. The workshop is funded by the UK and Scottish Governments under the HCI Skills Gateway scheme. The workshop will be hosted at the Sighthill Campus of Edinburgh College. Thirty (30) S6 pupils will be recruited from secondary schools close to the Merchiston campus.

The aims of the workshop are:

  • Contribute to awareness raising on the importance of EVs in fighting climate change.
  • Motivate secondary school students to folllow a career related to EVs.

The Workshop will be split mainly into seven half/one hour sessions. It will start at 10am and end at 3pm.

It will start with an introduction to EVs, followed by various exercises including:

  • Fuel cell assembly and experiments
  • How much energy does a Battery Electric Vehicle use?
  • Which EV to buy?

Edinburgh College will deliver 2x 30 minute sessions at the Workshop:

EV Simulator

This training session will provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate, investigate and fault-finding on a simulation panel of a hybrid vehicle electrical system. This lab is designed to allow access to a simulation of the mechanical operation as well as provide a mimic of the electrical power flow. The session also includes opportunities for students to test points at a safe voltage level to allow for investigation of electrical circuits.

This session facilitates the development of techniques in diagnostics and fault-finding skills used with electric and hybrid vehicles.

Electric Vehicles and components

This training session gives a hands-on learning solution, teaching critical skills for anyone working on modern vehicles with high-voltage systems. The session will combine photo-realistic visuals, text and questions to help students understand the properties of high voltage, the location and use of HV components plus the identification of key components within an actual electric vehicle.

This session facilitates, the development of techniques and safety with electric vehicle components which will compliment and reinforce their learning.

The Secondary Schools involved

Lornshill Academy 

Lornshill Academy is a six year comprehensive school, situated between the village of Tullibody and Alloa with a student roll of around 1130. Within our learning community we are fully committed to providing opportunities for every pupil to achieve success, to make friends, to discover new talents and to develop new skills.

St Columba’s R C High School

St Columba’s High School is a six-year Catholic secondary school which serves the towns and villages of West Fife.  The current school building was opened in 1969 and provides the school with full facilities within one compact site. The Catholic ethos of the school gives it a unity of identity and purpose.  Our pupils come from a wide variety of social backgrounds, but our school is firmly linked to our associated primary schools and parishes.  Pupils should be prepared to participate as fully as possible in all aspects of school life, which will provide appropriate opportunities for the development of their spiritual, moral, social and cultural values.