Prof Adrian Davis speaks at public meeting on transport and health

Prof Adrian Davis spoke at a public meeting on 21st June held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.  This was held in collaboration with the European Society of Cardiology and organised by colleagues at Napier’s Centre for Cardio Vascular Health.

Further details are here.

Professor Davis’ presentation commenced with a reflection of the pioneering work of Professor Jerry Morris on physical inactivity as a leading cause of heart disease and his legacy in relation to CVD research in the follow 50 plus years. Morris’ original provided a link to transport through looking at occupational exposure of bus drivers and bus conductors, and postmen and office-based colleagues. The presentation then included a quick review on the evidence base on multiple health benefits arising from a shift away from habitual private motorised transport. In conclusion, it was noted that policies aligning with public health, not least carbon reduction targets in Scotland, which place the country in a strong position. The challenge is how to achieve travel behaviour change – and by 2030.

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