Prof Achille Fonzone is invited to speak at the Dubai World Congress for Self-driving Transport

Prof Achille Fonzone was invited to speak at the third edition of the Dubai World Congress for Self-Driving Transport on 26th-27th September. This event, held under the auspices of Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority, showcased how Dubai as a whole is becoming a global epicenter of mobility innovation.

The theme this year, “Empowering Mobility 4.0”, brought together thought leaders from both industry and academia, highlighting its significance in the realm of autonomous transportation. The gathering, featuring insightful talks and a dynamic exhibition, captivated an audience of over 2,000 attendees.

Achille contributed to the panel discussion on the challenges surrounding autonomous vehicles digital infrastructure. He emphasized the continued significance of buses, also in the age of autonomous vehicles. Achille stressed the vital role of digital infrastructure as a connector between humans and the emerging autonomous entities. His vision focuses on ensuring that automated mobility evolution caters to individual users, providers, society and the environment holistically.

The invitation to the congress itself is a testament to the important work our university is undertaking in the realm of automated bus user acceptance and behavior. Stay connected for more updates on our university’s contributions to global pioneering discussions!


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