SEBE team win award with the help of Scottish seaweed

SEBE team win award with the help of Scottish seaweed

Congratulations to the nanomaterials group, led by Dr Mark Dorris, who saw their cellulose nanofibrils, derived from Scottish seaweed, pick up the Chemical Research Support Award in the Sustainable Small Particle Technologies category.

Their ideas will now move a step closer to commercialisation, with the nanocellulose samples tested in AkzoNobel facilities for use in some of AkzoNobel’s applications, namely paints, personal care products, food and beverages.

Nanocellulose is a raw material derived from natural sources from which high-quality, environmentally-friendly light-weight composites can be produced at a low cost. It is of huge commercial interest due to its biodegradable nature, excellent mechanical properties, strong biocompatibility, and customizable chemistry.

Nanocellulose use in the packaging, medical, automotive and building industries is expected to increase rapidly over the next ten years due to the increasing global demand for environmental sustainability.

If the material performs well, AkzoNobel may scale up processing nanocellulose operations to meet their commercial demand.

Imagine Chemistry was launched to help solve real-life chemistry-related challenges and uncover sustainable business opportunities. The 2018 edition generated no less than 150 innovative ideas from startups, scale-ups, scientists and others.


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