Engineering and Mathematics

Engineering and Mathematics subject group has a strong research expertise in energy, materials & manufacturing, mechanical & design, mathematics & modelling, automation & robotics, and operations & production management. Our research is funded by EPSRC, British Council, Royal Academy of Engineering, The Royal Society, Innovate UK, ETP,  Scottish Enterprise, etc. These include EPSRC funded research in Productivity and Sustainability Management, British Council funded research in Nanofibrous Composite Materials and Royal Academy of Engineering funded research in Hydrogen Storage.

Robotic systems for Smart Manufacturing

Supervisor: Dr Keng Goh

Development of solar concentrator for hydrogen production in solar thermochemical water-splitting cycle

Supervisor: Dr Firdaus Muhammad Sukki

Optimising Renewable Energy-Driven Zero-Liquid Discharge Desalination Systems

Supervisor: Dr Viviani Onishi

Optimising Work and Heat Exchange Networks Towards Improved Energy Efficiency Processes

Supervisor: Dr Viviani Onishi

PV soiling – Design of sustainable cleaning system

Supervisor: Dr Nazmi Sellami

Building integrated Photovoltaic for existing buildings

Supervisor: Dr Nazmi Sellami

Decarbonising the maritime transport with ammonia

Supervisor: Dr Stathis Tingas

A zero-carbon hydrogen fuelled compression ignition engine for heavy-duty transport applications

Supervisor: Dr Stathis Tingas

Mathematical modelling of transmission and worldwide distribution of neglected zoonotic diseases (Q fever)

Supervisor: Dr Stathis Tingas

Development of a Data-Driven Design Methodology for Smart Products

Supervisor: Dr Gokula Vasantha

Evaluating the Impact of the Control Strategy in the Optimization of MultiMW Offshore Direct-Drive Wind Turbine Structures

Supervisor: Dr Pablo Jaen Sola

Model order reduction of (bio-)chemical kinetics and epidemiological systems

Supervisor: Dr Chris Guiver

Projects in mathematical systems and control theory

Supervisor: Dr Chris Guiver

Recycling Polymeric-based Composites for Construction Applications

Supervisor: Prof Islam Shyha

Renewable and flexible dielectric materials for sustainable electronics

Supervisor: Dr Zhilun Lu

Novel Machine Learning for Forecasting PV output

Supervisor: Dr Zuansi Cai

Stochastic randomized control on bicycle balance

Supervisor: Dr Yuyang Zhou

Novel stochastic control method for a class of complex networks

Supervisor: Dr Yuyang Zhou

Higher-order shell finite elements for soft smart multifunctional composites

Supervisor: Dr Chennakesava Kadapa