Applied Informatics

Trust, risk and digital identity for digitally-unsure citizens

Supervisor: Dr Peter Cruickshank

A new model for information literacies of community representatives

Supervisor: Dr Peter Cruickshank

Online Safety and Digital Literacy

Supervisor: Dr David Haynes

Privacy and identity in the metaverse

Supervisor: Dr David Haynes

Interactive Digital Storytelling

Supervisor: Dr Ingi Helgason

Playful engagement with Politics in the time of misinformation

Supervisor: Dr Hanne Wagner

The use of digital media tools in creative placemaking practice

Supervisor: Dr Tanis Grandison

Enabling Tangible Interactions for Mixed Reality Experiences

Supervisor: Dr Dimitrios Darzentas

Multimodal Applications for Cognitive Differences

Supervisor: Dr John McGowan

HAAR: Hospital Audio Augmented Reality

Supervisor: Dr Iain McGregor

The role of digital technologies in shifts towards sustainable behaviours – empowering end user engagement through user-centred design

Supervisor: Dr Ashley Morton

Tangible interfaces in creative practice

Supervisors: Dr Michael Smyth & Dr Ingi Helgasen

Remix Culture and AI tools for Creativity

Supervisor: Dr Michael Smyth

More than Human Design

Supervisor: Dr Michael Smyth

Behaviour change for Cybersecurity: Increasing awareness and reducing susceptibility

Supervisor: Dr JP Vargheese

Organisational Learning and Agile Coaching

Supervisor: Dr Pritam Chita

Inclusion: Understanding the impact of higher education policy

Supervisor: Dr Debbie Meharg

The use of e-Health tools and online information for the self-management of health

Supervisor: Dr Frances Ryan