New Article Processing Charge offers now available

It’s taken a while to go through various publisher contracts but we’ve finally managed to extract information about an increased number of APCs available to researchers at Edinburgh Napier University. We’ve updated the offset APC page to reflect this so please check it if you’re thinking of paying an APC. What exactly is an APC? Some publishers charge authors an Article Processing Charge before they will publish their article in an open access journal. Your article needs to be open access (either Green or Gold) to be eligible for the next REF. Green open access is free but with Gold open access the author needs to pay an APC to get their article published.

Increasingly, as part of journal subscription deals, some publishers are offering discounted or free APCs. The Library has access to information about these offset APCs which it makes available to researchers at Edinburgh Napier University. There is guidance on how researchers can make use of APCs on the Offset APC page.