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Running a Libre Open Access Journal

There are many types of Open Access. Green Open Access for example means depositing or ‘self-archiving’ a copyright-free version of your work in a digital repository, usually in conjunction with publishing in a journal and with an embargo period. Gold Open Access means that the published work is available for anyone to access immediately upon publication. This is also known as gratis Open Access, meaning ‘without charge.’ However, journals and publishers often recoup the costs of making the work available for free by charging an Article Processing Charge (APC) to the submitting author. Libre Open Access is a lot like gratis Open Access with one exception – the content of the article is also free to reuse, remix, and republish.

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Something else to be wary about? Hijacked journals

You’ve probably heard of predatory journals that actively and sometimes aggressively seek researchers to publish their articles in their journals, well, there’s something else to watch out for…hijacked journals. These are journals which have been created by fraudsters to copy very closely

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Academic journal markets and the move towards open access

JISC, RLUK, SCONUL and the Association of Research Managers and Administrators have recently published a thought-provoking discussion paper, Academic journal markets, their limitations, and the consequences for a transition to Open Access: a thought piece.   In publishing this report

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