Where do I find¬†Edinburgh Napier University’s Research Repository?

Edinburgh Napier University staff members and research students can log in to the research repository with their usual university login. Public or ‘discoverable’ output records will then be displayed in the public repository.

The repository is an online¬†open access showcase for the published research output of the University, supported by the Library. It’s the best place to store, archive and share your published papers, conference papers and more. The repository is free to access by anyone.

Who should deposit their work in the repository?

All academic researchers are required to add their research outputs to the repository. Doing so within three months of being accepted for publication ensures that you meet the requirements of the REF open access policy.

Academic staff are required to deposit digital copies of refereed and accepted research outputs. Research associates, research assistants, research students and other members of University staff are also encouraged to deposit digital copies of their work.

What type of work should be deposited?

All types of research output. Journal articles, conference papers, posters, book chapters, datasets, and PhD theses should all be deposited. (PhD theses awarded by Edinburgh Napier will be deposited on your behalf.) For those active in the arts and creative industries, a descriptive record of your intellectual output is acceptable. This includes material which has been displayed, performed or publicly shown, where those documents or materials constitute work carried out during the course of your employment at the university.

Which version of my paper do I deposit in Worktribe?

This is a question we are asked a lot! We’ve made a short video that we hope answers your questions but if not, email

What are the benefits of depositing my work in the repository?

Deposit increases the impact of your research by making it more visible. It can also improve your citation rate. Your visibility to other researchers in your field is enhanced, potentially opening paths to collaboration and establishment of research networks. In this way your academic profile is raised internationally. It also keeps a record of your publications in one place with enhanced, accurate bibliographic data.

You will also comply with the REF open access policy.

How do I deposit my research in the Edinburgh Napier Research Repository?

You can self-deposit your research in the repository – go to the research repository and use your normal University network details to log in. General information and guidance can be found in the guide Worktribe: Research Profiles and Outputs. If you have any questions, please email