What is Edinburgh Napier University’s policy on open access?

The University’s preferred route for making your research open access is the Green route. This allows you to publish your research in your chosen journal without having to pay an APC. You then make it open access by depositing the author accepted manuscript and also the evidence of the acceptance for publication, in the Edinburgh Napier Research Repository.

I’m just about to start my research. What do I need to think about?

There are a number of things you need to start thinking about before you start your research. Take a look at the Decision Tree we’ve created to help you through the whole process from pre-research to published paper.

You can also check our pages about funding, target journals or look at our jargon buster for more help.

How do I make my research open access?

By publishing your paper in an open access journal and depositing a copy of your paper and its evidence of acceptance for publication, in the Edinburgh Napier Research Repository.

How do I decide between the green and gold routes?

Good question! The university’s preferred route is Green. The choice you make can have implications for publishing your research so have a look at our Green and Gold page for more detailed information.

What is an APC?

APC stands for Article Processing Charge. Some publishers charge authors an APC to publish a paper and make it immediately open access on the journal website.  Have a look at our Green and Gold page for more information.

I have funds to pay an APC, how do I publish my work open access?

Funders may include an allocation to cover APCs. However, for your work to be eligible for REF2021 it must also be deposited in an open access repository and any embargoes or closed access periods must meet the requirements of  HEFCE’s policy on open access.

Here are some handy tools to help you find the information you need:

  • Check your research funder’s open access policy using SHERPA/Juliet.
  • Check if the journal you want to publish in complies with your funder’s open access requirements using SHERPA/Fact.
  • Use SHERPA/RoMEO to find out your publisher’s policy on self-archiving articles in open access repositories and the web.
  • Check SHERPA REF to see if the journal you would like to publish in allows you to comply with open access requirements for REF.

I’ve already completed some of my research. What do I need to do?

Have a look at the open access Decision Tree. This will guide you through the next steps you need to take. Our ready to publish checklist or pre-submission checklist may also help.

I’m ready to publish but I’ve only just heard about open access. What should I do?

Have a look at the Ready to publish checklist on the open access Decision Tree. Check your funder’s policy on open access  and check the journal you wish to publish in to see if they offer open access. You can do this using the Sherpa suite of websites:

  • SHERPA/RoMEO for publisher/ journal information
  • SHERPA/FACT to check if the journal complies with your funder requirements
  • SHERPA/JULIET to check your funders policy.
  • SHERPA REF to check if the journal you would like to publish in allows you to comply with open access requirements for REF.

How do I find out more about my funder’s policy on open access?

Just check the SHERPA/JULIET website by searching for your funder’s name or check out our funding page for more information.

What do I need to do when my article is accepted for publication?

Act on acceptance! The really important things you must do is to keep the evidence of acceptance for publication, which could be a letter or email. Then you must immediately deposit your work in the Repository and also send the evidence of acceptance for publication to repository@napier.ac.uk so your work is eligible for REF2021.

We’ve created a handy Post-acceptance Checklist to help you make sure you’ve done all the other things you need to do when your article is accepted for publication.

Do I need to add my research to Edinburgh Napier’s repository?

Yes! All Edinburgh Napier University researchers need to add their research to the Edinburgh Napier Research Repository as soon as it’s accepted for publication. You also need to send the evidence of acceptance for publication to repository@napier.ac.uk.

How do I add my research to Edinburgh Napier’s repository?

You can self-deposit your research in the repository – go to the research repository and use your normal University network details to login. General information and guidance can be found in Worktribe: Research Profiles and Guides. If you have any questions, email repository@napier.ac.uk.

Who’s behind this Open Access blog?

We’re a small group of Edinburgh Napier University library staff who have created this Open Access blog site to help researchers at this University.