Open Access

Open Access logoWhat is Open Access?

Open access is unrestricted online access to peer-reviewed, publicly-funded, scholarly research with no constraints on reuse. For an introduction to open access, see our Open Access LibGuide.

 What are the benefits of Open Access?

For authors it means increased visibility and impact of research. For readers it means increased resources without price or permission barriers.

Why do I need to publish my work as Open Access?

Most major funding bodies now make it a requirement for the research they fund to be made open access.

For journal articles, if your work is not open access it cannot be submitted for REF 2021 which could affect the university’s academic reputation and the level of funding for research we receive in the future.

How do I publish my work as Open Access?

Read the university’s Open Access Policy. There are two main types of open access publishing – read about them on our Green and Gold page.

Where can I learn more?

Peter Suber has written am introductory book called Open Access, available to read through Napier’s library catalogue.

Published evidence on the impact of OA on the increase in citations an article receives

Watch this interesting video about Open Access: an Academic’s Viewpoint produced by the University of Manchester’s Library who interviewed one of their academics. They talk about their thoughts on open access, describes what it is and why you need to do it.