Dr Grigorios Fountas’ paper ‘The Flying Car—Challenges and Strategies Toward Future Adoption’ is published

‘The Flying Car—Challenges and Strategies Toward Future Adoption’Sheikh Shahriar Ahmed, Kevin F. Hulme, Grigorios Fountas, Ugur Eker, Irina V. Benedyk, Stephen E. Still and Panagiotis Ch. Anastasopoulos has now been published.

This paper provides an extensive literature review on the various technological capabilities and challenges of flying cars and the public perceptions associated with them. It also comprises statements of needs for future research to ensure the long-term sustainability of this novel mobility technology.

In recent years, our surface transportation infrastructure is suffering from overuse, extreme traffic congestion, and roadway disrepair. Instead of following the traditional infrastructure expansion policy, current transportation research focuses on developing innovative and novel solutions to the aforementioned issues. Current pathways to overcoming these issues include the gradual transition toward a number of emerging transportation technologies, such as, autonomous motor vehicles for human transport, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) and “drone” technologies for surveillance, and package deliveries. However, as a long-term solution, transportation scientists are also investigating the once-seemingly futuristic notion of flying car technology—a convergent form of ground/air vehicle transportation, and assessing associated regulations. In this paper, an extensive review of current literature is conducted to explore the technological capabilities of flying cars—each requiring appropriate regulations and governance—to become fully sustainable. Specifically, issues pertinent to training, safety, environment, navigation, infrastructure, logistics/sustainability, and cybersecurity and human factors are explored. This paper concludes with a preliminary quantitative analysis exploring the public perceptions associated with flying cars—including anticipated benefits, concerns, and willingness to both hire and acquire the technology once available to consumers. Insights offered by this data will help inform next-generation policies and standards associated with the gradual advancement of flying cars.

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