Dr Achille Fonzone has been invited to speak at Automated Vehicles Symposium, 29th July

Dr Achille Fonzone has been invited to speak at the Automated Vehicles Symposium which takes place from 27th to 30th July.  Achille will be presenting at the session on Wednesday (29th July) at around 7.30pm on Autonomous Shuttles and Buses: From Demonstrations to Deployment.

In this session, participants will learn the latest information on autonomous shuttles and buses, which are being demonstrated and deployed in downtown areas, university campuses, business parks, airports, and other areas. These services focus on enhancing mobility and accessibility on regular routes, providing first and last mile trips, and improving transportation options for individuals with disabilities.  The session will share experiences with autonomous shuttles and buses and engage participants in discussing best practices in planning, funding, procuring, marketing, operating, and evaluating this mobility option to help inform decision making, identify research needs, and support future deployments.

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