The DIAMOND project is looking for people to participate and complete their surveys

The DIAMOND project identifies and evaluates specific measures to meet the needs and expectations of women as users of different modes of transport and as workers in the sector.

  • Holistic research on women in transport.
  • Methods for gender analysis.
  • Fairness applied to women in transport analysis.
  • Novel self-diagnosis and decision support system (DSS) tools.

The DIAMOND project aims to collect data focused on what people consider to be of the most important in terms of influencing the areas of railways infrastructure, autonomous vehicles, bicycle sharing and women’s employability in the sector to increase the number of people as users and employees in the transport system.

Read more here and for links to access their surveys, one for each of the four use cases; railways and metro users, autonomous vehicles, bicycle sharing and employment. You can complete more than one survey if you so wish.



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