Solar energy webinar – ‘Energy Solution for Billion Lives’ by Prof Senthil Sundaram – 11th May

Join us at our solar energy webinar on ‘Energy Solution for Billion Lives’ by Prof Senthil Sundaram.  This will take place online on Wednesday 11th May at 12pm-12.45pm.

The energy needs of society are increasing day by day. Making energy generation sustainable and carbon-free is challenging. My research is focusing on finding suitable materials to address green energy generation and storage. Mainly address the stability of the most efficient solar cells for energy conversion, having high-density thermal storage materials and materials for environmental applications. The perovskite solar cells with high conversion efficiency and its scaling up engineering of the devices into the commercial level, using carbon materials for water distillation and heavy metal pollution removal and addressing industrial wastage heat management is also part of our group research.

Register here.

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