Materials research in ERG: “Wonderful Nanocellulose”

kelp-laminaria hyperborea

The term “Wonder Material” has been overused in the past to describe new innovations in nanotechnology. The term, however, may at last be used to accurately describe new technological advances within the Materials Science team in SEBE. Led by Dr Mark Dorris, the team has developed a method of deriving low cost, clean and green nanocellulose material from seaweed extract and the product is proving to be a real candidate for the new wonder material of the future. Suited for a range of applications, from 3D printed meshes and implants to controlled release drugs and bioplastics for sustainable packaging, the seaweed derived nanocellulose works better in all applications so far studied than the existing tree-derived nanocellulose materials, and at a fraction of the cost to the bank balance and to the planet.

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