Information and Training Sessions : Worktribe and Data Management

Two training sessions coming up soon that would be of interest to ALL RESEARCHERS

Information and Training Session for Worktribe
Thursday 17th October
10.00am – 11.30am
G8, Merchiston

Facilitated by Dr Lindsay Ramage

These sessions provide the opportunity to gain training in using Worktribe, the University research information management system.

The Worktribe System has been designed to allow Edinburgh Napier University to manage research grants throughout their entire lifecycle from initial costings through to an integrated external repository for research publications and profiles. Externally funded research projects, research outputs and activity should be recorded on Worktribe.

*NOTE – Due to a lack of available computer room space, this session will take place in a classroom. You will be required to bring your own device to this session to access Worktribe*

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How to Write a Data Management Plan
Tuesday 12th November
13.00pm – 14.00pm
F11, Merchiston

Facilitated by Dr Lindsay Ramage

The introduction (30 minutes) details what we mean by research data, the benefits of managing your data and funders requirements around research data. In addition, the University research data management (RDM) policy will be discussed. It is a requirement that all research projects should have a research data management plan

The second part details how to write a data management plan (DMP) and the research data lifecycle.
We will detail the different sections of a DMP – collection (inc ethics), storage, sharing, archiving of data. There will be the opportunity to review and analyse some example DMPs

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