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Beall’s list stats, updates and scary info

On 3rd January Jeffrey Beall announced another regular update of his list of potential, possible or probable predatory publishers. Because the list of publishers is now so long, well over a thousand, this update gave statistics illustrating the rise in numbers of predatory open

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Open Access terminology – guest blogger!

Today we’ve got a real treat for you, a post written by Laura Ennis, Edinburgh Napier University’s Information Services Advisor for the School of Life, Sports and Social Science. So sit back, grab a sandwich and a beverage of your choice and have

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Open access to all scientific articles in Europe by 2020

The European Union Competitiveness Council met on 27th May in Brussels. Following the meeting, it made a major announcement that by 2020 all scientific articles in Europe must be freely accessible. EU ministers responsible for research and innovation made a unanimous decision to carry

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