Beall’s list stats, updates and scary info

On 3rd January Jeffrey Beall announced another regular update of his list of potential, possible or probable predatory publishers. Because the list of publishers is now so long, well over a thousand, this update gave statistics illustrating the rise in numbers of predatory open access publishers rather than list them individually. The stats make for some sobering reading. In 2011 Beall stated the number of predatory publishers was 11. In 2017 that number has risen to 1155. The number of predatory standalone journals has risen from 126 in 2013 to 1294 in 2017. Beall also publishes some very interesting statistics on the number of companies producing misleading metrics, fake impact factor companies and hijacked journals.

So, here are links to the four long lists that are updated by Jeffrey Beall: Predatory Publishers, Predatory Standalone Journals, Misleading Metrics Companies and Hijacked Journals. Just in case you want to check!