ISC People

Prof Sean Smith
Director of  Institute for Sustainable Construction
Research Areas: Timber engineering; Energy; Offsite construction and Innovative Structures; Acoustics; Smart Cities

Heads of Centres

Prof John Currie
Head of the Scottish Energy Centre
Research Areas: Energy; Offsite Construction and Innovative Structures; Pollutants; Smart Cities

Prof Mark Deakin
Head of Centre for Sustainable Communities
Research Areas: Smart Cities

Dr Robert Hairstans
Head of Centre for Offsite Construction
Research Areas: Timber engineering; Offsite Construction and Innovative Structures

Dr Dan Ridley-Ellis
Head of  Centre for Wood Science
Research areas: Timber engineering; Materials; Wood science

Prof Abdy Kermani
Head of Centre for Timber Engineering
Research Areas: Timber engineering


Dr Bernardino D’Amico

Dr Celine Garnier

Prof Abdy Kermani

Dr Francesco Pomponi

Dr Jon Stinson

Julio Bros Williamson

Dr Johnson Zhang