The U!REKA Consortium Steering Committee met in Ghent, Belgium to discuss the priorities for the consortium over the comings months. Items included:

  • The approach to develop closer research relationships between the institutions and which areas should be prioritised
  • A reflection on the project to develop a joint master around support the integration of refugees and asylym seeker in urban environments
  • The organisation of the next U!REKA conference which will be taking place in Frankfurt in the fall of 2018, building on the previous conferences in Amsterdam in 2016 and Edinburgh in 2017. 

Picture below (Credits Aäron Plovie) : the U!REKA Steering Committee members.

From left to right: Alistair Sambell (Edinburgh Napier University),  Frank Dievernich (Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences), Anna-Maria Vilkuna (Metropolia of University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki), Koen Goethals (University College Ghent), Curt Rice (Oslo Metropolitan University), Morten Irgens (Oslo Metropolitan University), Huib de Jong (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) 

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