Weather in Edinburgh: Hectic Topic

22 Mar

734101_10200824051064974_1302160069_nHi there everyone! I know, I has been a while! The dissertation is taking my time away – and time is running out, too! Submission is less than a month and now I’m about to finish my first draft. Just enough time to start proofreading, editing and printing 🙂

However, today I really wanted to tell you a little more about the weather here in Edinburgh, as lately it has been one of the main questions I’ve received. I know there is a general awareness of Edinburgh being super gorgeous as a city, but with a definitely horrible weather. Well, I don’t necessarily agree with that. Of course we need to put things into perspective, as if you are reading this from California, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, China, India (and so on) what you’re going to find here is definitely not the home sun you’re used to. HOWEVER, it’s not as bad as people who have never here believe. So, let’s start with autumn:


377484_4779559808293_475568622_nCertainly my favourite season after spring. It gets all colorful everywhere, and the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. I took this picture last October, and it seriously felt I was in a movie. However, around the end of September usually temperatures tend to drop, and that’s when I usually start wearing a warmer jacket (but this doesn’t mean you’re gonna stop seeing locals wearing t-shirts).

Autumn advice: wear a light scarf or anything that protect your throat, this is the easiest moment to get a flu!


224407_4752925502452_275675018_nAs the general idea about the winter in Edinburgh resembles this picture (which, by the way, I took at the end of October!), winter days can be actually very sunny and bright – BUT VERY COLD! I strongly advise to buy a warm and waterproof jacket – it’s going to be your best investment ever. Also, winters can be very windy, so always wear your scarf (you’re going to thank me, believe me!) and warm coat! However, don’t be scared: it’s not gonna be as bad as you think, particularly because winter in Edinburgh is simply beautiful with lights and people everywhere. The atmosphere is probably warmer than during autumn! ps: my favourite sunsets and sunrises always happen during winter.

Winter advice: wear layers of clothes: indoor environments are usually VERY warm, so you want to be able to get comfortable easily by taking a few layers off.





Don’t be tricked by spring…! I truly love spring in Edinburgh: everything turns pink (you must visit the meadows around the middle of May – breathtaking!), you can smell beautiful scents and start feeling the heat warming up your body. HOWEVER, spring can be super tricky: if today looks like the first picture (cherry blossoms and tweeting birds), the day after may be super rainy , and then all of a sudden turn very light and nice (like in the second picture), and the day after…snow. Don’t be surprised if that happens, it’s pretty common. So just be aware of it and check the forecast before leaving your flat 😉

Spring advice: carry an umbrella in your backpack – or do it the Scottish style: rain is nothing, you’re eventually going to dry up 😛




155200_4656735017750_2111664468_n…YEAH, IT’S BEAUTIFUL! The highest temperature I’ve ever experienced in Edinburgh during summer was probably 30 degrees Celsius (86 F), BUT it didn’t last longer than one day. Woops 😛 However, I definitely enjoyed my time here during the summer. It can be very rainy, and that’s a little frustrating….but temperatures are okay, during good days you can even hope to get some sort of tan! The Princes Street gardens (picture) are simply perfect to lay down and enjoy the heat, as well as the Meadows, Calton Hill and Arthur’s Seat. Then of course, if you’re missing the feeling of a fresh breeze just stop by in Portobello Beach and enjoy a beach day with the sound of waves (and kids taking a dip -YES, they do go and swim in the Firth ;))

Summer advice: Enjoy the heat and always carry around a light jacket – JUST IN CASE!

I’m looking forward to your comments and inbox, and hope to see you in Edinburgh soon!



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