Hi everyone!

Glad you somehow ended up on this page: My name is Carlotta and I’m an Edinburgh Napier University alumn. I’m using this blog as a platform to talk about my university life in Edinburgh as well as how I used to get around the city, my favourite places, personal experiences in terms of academics and work, and anything related to my experience at Edinburgh Napier University. Why?, you might be wondering. Because I love Edinburgh and Edinburgh Napier, those have really been the best years of my life and since I still get many questions from students on social media about my experience, I thought it would just make sense keep going with a project that I started back when I was still a student in the beautiful Scottish capital 🙂

I graduated from Edinburgh Napier University in June 2013 with a 1:1 BA (Hons) in Communications, Advertising & Public Relations and I completed my MSc in 2014 from a Lund University in Sweden. I hope you enjoy the blog and I’m looking forward to your comments and questions!


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