New Edinburgh Napier Prospectus: Have you Seen It?

06 Apr
Edinburgh Napier 2013 - 2014 Undergrad Prospectus

Edinburgh Napier 2013 – 2014 Undergrad Prospectus

Hi there peeps!

I bet you’re all super nervous/excited as in about one month you’ll all know if you’re admitted to study at Napier. Try not to freak out too much and be positive: if you’ve done your best and you really hope to get in, you will:) I still remember when I was waiting for the results, four years ago..hard to sleep, hard to wait! But then the results day arrived and
I¬†got the news that changed my life ūüôā

Given that you may all be a little nervous about it, I thought it was a good idea sharing with you the new Napier prospectus, as it can give you more insights about living in Edinburgh, as well as Napier degrees, before you actually move here ūüėČ You can find the new prospectus here. It is divided into two main sections, which are: academics and life.

Napier Academics

Napier Academics

In the academics section you will find the description of every degree offered in every faculty as well as the minimum requirements needed to qualify for them.

Life in Edinburgh

Life in Edinburgh

The second section deals more with topics such as life in Edinburgh and its lifestyle. In this sections you’ll find answers about entertainment, accommodation, careers, exchange opportunities and so much more. And if you pay attention ¬†to it, you’ll also see my face in the exchange section (clearly, how could I not support that:)).

I hope this little guide was hopeful and I’m looking forward to hear back from you.



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