TRI hosts delegation of the Indonesian Police

On Friday 17th November, TRI hosted a visit of a delegation of the Indonesian Police lead by Brigadier General  Dicky Patria Negara, LLB, BA, MSc. The delegation included also Brigadier General Dr Bakharuddin, the Director of the Police University Postgraduate Programme, and several PhD students of the same University.

The Indonesian Police has a strong relationship with TRI, with several police officers attending the MSc Transport Planning and Analysis in the last years, and two of them – Sandhi and Rachmad – currently working on a PhD in transport.

The visit aimed at discussing opportunities to further strengthen the collaboration with the School of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment (SCEBE) and the University, widening it to areas such as cyber-security and AI. Ideas for future development were explored by the senior officers in the delegation, Prof Johnson Zhang, Prof Emma Hart, Prof Bill Buchanan, Dr Chang See and Prof Achille Fonzone. A MoU between the Indonesian Police and ENU is planned in the coming months to support the Police University.

The delegation was welcomed by Prof Peter Andras, Dean of School of Computing Engineering and the Built Environment and it included a seminar with presentations on research about use of AI for intelligence, and autonomous vehicles in Indonesia.

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