Project HEART: Hydrogen-Electric Autonomous Regional Transportation – A New Model of Sub-regional Aviation

The HEART project will be holding a Public Showcase and Engagement Event at Inverness Airport on 30th August at 18:00-20:00 to tell its story and to show how HEART can revolutionise the way you use local aviation networks. In this event, the project will address technical, operational and sociological elements such as:

  • Hydrogen-Electric powertrains with green hydrogen infrastructure
  • Use of Aircraft automation to allow single pilot operation; increasing reliability and safety
  • Hybrid satellite communications with high-reliability, quantum secure solutions for safe aircraft and cabin communication
  • Integration with other transportation modes through mobility-as-a-services solutions to enable fast transfers across new and legacy transport modes.
  • Dynamic in-journey support to simplify and smooth the travel experience.
  • Automated ground systems for aircraft, baggage, cargo, refuelling as well as end-to-end simulation of aircraft operations
  • New, low-cost, modular and scalable airport terminal technology concepts.
  • Understanding and addressing accessibility of these solutions, as well as technological acceptance, societal and community concerns.

Project HEART is a consortium that assembles organisations including world leaders in the fields of Aircraft Automation, BVLOS operations, Hydrogen-electric Powertrain integration, Green Hydrogen Infrastructure, research organisations, front-line service providers, airlines and airports, technology providers and more.  Prof Pat Langdon is leading the project at Edinburgh Napier University.  

The event will include an overview of HEART; its history and future, and will provide an invaluable opportunity for a dialogue between the consortium members and attendees – to see what the future can hold, and to make sure that future is shaped the right way for communities and users.

To register your interest, please email before 23rd August with your details (names, organisation (if applicable) and number of interested attendees). Refreshments will be provided at the event.

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