Prof Tariq Muneer is invited to give keynote address to 11th Solaris 2021 – (27-29 Sept)

Professor Tariq Muneer of Edinburgh Napier University, UK shall be giving a half-hour keynote address to the 11th Solaris 2021 International Conference that is being held in Tokyo from 27-29 September 2021. The title of his talk is ‘Solar Radiation and Illuminance Models’.  Professor Muneer has researched that latter topic for the last 44 years and for that the Solaris network has decided to award him the life-time achievement award.

The Solaris conference provides a platform for meetings for researchers in the area of solar energy and efficient energy technology. It has a long tradition of organizing such meetings in Edinburgh 2003, Athens 2005, Delhi 2007, Hong Kong 2008, Bruno 2011, Granada 2013, Maribor 2015, London 2017, Chengdu 2018 and Delhi 2019. The 11th event will be held at Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan (ONLINE) during 27-30th, Sep. 2021.

SOLARIS will include plenary and keynote lectures and oral presentations on topics:

  • (1) Solar radiation measurement and modelling
  • (2) Solar thermal energy usage and conversion
  • (3) Solar photovoltaic (PV) generation
  • (4) Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and solar fuel
  • (5) Solar technology and energy systems for buildings
  • (6) Energy storage, transportation, insulation and materials
  • (7) District heating/cooling
  • (8) Solar energy markets and political aspects
  • (9) Wind power and biomass

See programme.

Professor Muneer has published 10 books and over 280 articles on the subject of renewable energy and sustainable transport.

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