Project HEART in ‘Greener Skies Ahead’ news article

TRI’s involvement in Project HEART was mentioned in the “GREENER SKIES AHEAD” news article recently published by New London Architecture (NLA), a world leading centre for excellence for the built environment.

Prof Pat Langdon, Dr Greg Fountas and Dr Clare McTigue from TRI are working with consortium partners to construct and operate what would be the world’s first zero emission 19-seater commercial aircraft route. More specifically, our TRI members will address public opinion to understand the potential of hydrogen electric technology amongst stakeholders and end-users, including the public and how that may change as a result of exposure to the project. Another important goal is to understand whether and how specific stakeholder; or user-specific characteristics may expedite or hinder the understanding and acceptance of hydrogen-electric technology and automated aviation.

More information about TRI’s involvement in Project Heart can be found here.

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