Richard Llewellyn’s intelligent road stud research work features in the Highways News

Richard Llewellyn, PhD research student at TRI, Edinburgh Napier University, has had his intelligent road stud research work featured in the Highways News.  Richard told Highways News: “Our research over many years has showed that intelligent road studs can have a positive effect on driver behaviour.  The use of intelligent road studs offers a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to streetlighting or where lighting installation is not possible. Use of intelligent road studs was also proven to be useful on bends in the road network and at junctions to help drivers gain more appreciation for what was in front of them as they emerged, for example.”

Richard’s paper “Active Road Studs as an Alternative to Lighting on Rural Roads: Driver Safety Perception,” is the first of its kind to investigate the effects of the use of active road studs on the confidence of drivers at night.  It found that whilst demand for street lighting may remain, active road studs have a significant positive effect on driver confidence where installed.  This increase in confidence appears to be mainly due to an improved preview time of the road ahead, combined with assisting mitigation of the detrimental effects of glare from oncoming vehicles.  The ‘benefits’ can be expected across all user groups, with particular benefits for elderly and female drivers.

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