2021 TRB Annual Meeting

Dr Grigorios Fountas will be presenting, and chairing in the 100th Annual Meeting of Transportation Research Board (TRB), which will be held as a virtual event in January (Committee Meetings: January 5–8 and 11–15; Sessions & Exhibits: January 21–22 and 25–29).

TRB is a division of the highly prestigious National Academy of Sciences of the United States and constitutes the most renowned and high-impact forum of transportation research worldwide. Thousands of professionals and academics across the globe are expected to attend and participate in the meeting, as well as more than 3,500 presentations in more than 700 sessions, workshops, and meetings will be held.  Greg Fountas has been active over the last few years in TRB’s annual meetings through presentations, publications, organization of workshops, and leading Committees’ activities.  Specifically, he serves as a Member and Paper Review Coordinator of the AED60 (former ABJ80) Committee on Statistical Methods, and over the last three years, he has been leading the paper review process for the manuscripts submitted to the Committee for presentation and publication. The 20201 Annual Meeting will be a special occasion due to the Centennial celebration of TRB. Greg will be involved in the following activities:

• He will be participating in the annual meeting of the AED60 Committee where he will give a presentation about the outcomes of the paper review process and the emerging and future challenges of transportation research that need to be addressed through the future activities of TRB.
• In 2021, TRB celebrates its centennial and Greg has contributed to the Centennial-related activities, as he has co-authored a Centennial paper, which is focused on the contributions of the AED60 (former ABJ80) Committee to the transportation research community and on the future challenges that need to be considered by the research community in the statistical analysis of transportation data.
• Greg will be involved in the presentation of four papers that have been accepted for presentation in TRB in the areas of traffic safety, urban air mobility, and public perceptions towards pedestrianization (along with Torran Semple, an Edinburgh Napier University MEng student).

Dr Achille Fonzone is also involved in the presentation of two papers in the areas of traffic safety.

Event Title: 1153 – Measuring Pedestrian Experiences, Activity, and Needs and Planning for Mobility, Comfort, and Access

Day: Tuesday, January 26, 10:00 AM- 11:30 AM ET

Presentation Number: TRBAM-21-01413

Presentation Title: Exploring the Demographic and Behavioural Factors Associated with Public Support for Pedestrianisation: The Case of Edinburgh City Centre

Event Title: 1169 – Safety Performance and Analysis, Act 1: Pedestrians, Bicyclists, E-Bikes, and Couriers (Act 2, Session 1202; Act 3, Session 1295; Act 4, Session 1327)

Day: Tuesday, January 26, 11:30 AM- 1:00 PM ET

Presentation Number: TRBAM-21-02219

Presentation Title: Grouped random parameter multinomial logit for studying the influence of traffic, geometric and context variables on urban crash types

Event Title: 1395 – Emerging methods in transportation data analysis

Day: Thursday, January 28, 2:30 PM- 4:00 PM ET

Presentation Number: TRBAM-21-01432

Presentation Title: Bicycle Accident Injury-Severities in Scotland: A Correlated Random Parameters Ordered Probit Approach with Heterogeneity in Means

Event Title: 1441 – Current Issues in Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

Day: Friday, January 29, 11:30 AM- 1:00 PM ET

Presentation Number: TRBAM-21-00564

Presentation Title: An Exploratory Empirical Analysis of Public Willingness to Hire and Pay for Flying Taxis and Shared Flying Car Services

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