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TRI is delighted to offer some exciting opportunities at Edinburgh Napier University.  More information can be found at ‘Find a PhD’.

Coupling Artificial Intelligence with Statistical and Econometric Methods for Transport Data Analysis

This PhD project seeks to develop a hybrid data analysis framework, which will integrate co-benefits of AI and statistical and econometric methods for the alignment and modeling of disparate transport data. Such a framework has the potential to provide a decisive step towards resolving the main dilemma transport analysts and researchers face in the selection process of the most appropriate data analysis approach:

This PhD programme aims at developing a novel, yet standardized analysis framework of behavioural response, which can be promptly adjusted for the evaluation of systems or technologies targeted at enhancing transportation safety.  This framework is expected to include the following components:

• Design and programming of appropriate, context-driven scenarios

• Identification of cognitive functions interacting with the system/technology in question

• Induction of external or internal stimuli that may interact with user’s cognitive state and critical

features of the tested system/technology

• Collection of highly disaggregate data on perceived and observed response of the user

• Extraction of inferences by integration of advanced statistical modeling and artificial intelligence

techniques for the analysis of the simulation data

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The dataset offers a unique opportunity for exciting research on travel decision-making. In your PhD, you can use the data either to understand how people make their travel choices (the trip and personal characteristics affecting the choices and their importance, the temporal evolution of the decisions, and the impact of real-time information on the decision -making process) or to predict the choices from the historical behaviour. Depending on your interests and skills, you can approach the problem using discrete choice modelling or artificial intelligence techniques or a mix of the two. You will develop your project in collaboration with our partner universities in the US and Japan.
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