Dr Achille Fonzone & Dr Grigorios Fountas have journal article published in Analytic Methods in Accident Research

Dr Achille Fonzone and Dr Grigorios Fountas have had a journal article published in Analytic Methods in Accident Research (Web-of-Science 2019 Journal Impact Factor = 9.179; Scopus 2019 CiteScore = 18.3) with Paolo Intini entitled “The Influence of Traffic, Geometric And Context Variables on Urban Crash Types: A Grouped Random Parameter Multinomial Logit Approach”.

Numerous road safety studies have been dedicated to the estimation of crash frequency and injury severity models. However, previous research has shown that different factors may influence the occurrence of crashes of different types.  In this study, a dataset including information from crashes occurred at segments and intersections of urban roads in Bari, Italy was used to estimate the likelihood of occurrence of various crash types.  The crash types considered are: single-vehicle, angle, rear-end and sideswipe.

Paolo Intini from Politecnico di Bari, Italy, spent a couple of months at TRI as a visiting researcher at the end of last year studying road safety, design, driver behaviour and accident data.  As a result of this, TRI continued to collaborate with Politecnico di Bari to conduct this research and produce this article.

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