Prof Adrian Davis presenter at ‘Managing road danger and speed: implementing 20mph limits’ webinar: 25th June, 14.30-15.45

Professor Adrian Davis is a presenter on Thursday 25th June for a webinar addressing road danger and specifically speed. With efforts to reallocate road space for social distancing and to reduce congestion and the risk of gridlock in urban areas as Covid-19 related restrictions ease many local authorities are also considering implementing 20mph limits to enable citizens to choose to use streets, roads and public space safely as pedestrians and cyclists. Adrian will draw on decades of experience on speed control and specific expertise in the design of 20mph speed limit programmes including currently in supporting the Welsh Government’s planned national default 20mph in place of most current 30mph speed limits.

Chair: Rod King, Founder, 20’s Plenty

Adrian Davis, Professor of Transport & Health, Edinburgh Napier University
Sarah Jones, Consultant in Environmental Public Health, Public Health Wales and NHS Lower the Baseline
Dr Ian Walker, Transport and Traffic Psychologist, University of Bath
Amanda Russell, 20’s Plenty for Faversham lead
Geoff Collins, Deputy Managing Director, ITS & enforcement expert, Jenoptik Traffic Solutions

This webinar will explore:

  • How national 20mph limits could be implemented
  • Health perspectives: road casualties and understanding the load on the NHS
  • How to actively consider roads for 30 mph suitability
  • Setting default 20mph limits across cities and regions
  • Communication, information and enforcement
  • Consultation and feedback: community views of 20mph limits
  • Current and future funding opportunities: signing, lining and traffic calming measures
  • Motorists’ behaviour change opportunities
  • What’s happening across the world
  • The role of Intelligent Speed Assistance (speed limiters), mandatory on all new car models from 2022

More details and link to register here.

See link to view webinar here.

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