Teresa Sanchis, MSc student gives presentation at CENEX event – 12th May, 11am

Teresa Sanchis, Edinburgh Napier University MSc student, will be giving a presentation this morning (12th May) at 11am at Cenex’s webinar. She will be speaking about electric car clubs’ charge using 100% renewable energy in Edinburgh.

Teresa will explain why it is important to include EVs in car clubs’ fleets and to ensure 100% renewable electricity to charge them; and also the design of the fleet (number of cars, number of parking bays and where to locate them).  She will then explain the design of a wind and solar installation to charge the vehicles.  And finally the emission reduction thanks to the car clubs and the economic study.

Teresa is an MSc student of Renewable Energy and Professor Tariq has been her dissertation leader.  She started the MSc last January (so has been at Napier for 1  1/2 years) and her background is energy engineering which she studied at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Registration link for the webinar is here.

Teresa’s presentation can be viewed here: Webinar Teresa Sanchis.presentation

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