Transport & Health Workshop: Articulating the co-benefits to key stakeholders

Prof Adrian Davis presented at the Transport & Health workshop which took place on 22nd October at the Lighthouse, Glasgow.  The event was co-organised by TRI and the Glasgow Centre for Population and Health.  The Active Nation Commissioner for Scotland, Lee Craigie, will also be speaking as well as Laura Murdoch, Director of Bus, Accessibility and Active Travel, at Transport Scotland.

This event is the second in a series of annual Transport & Health events co-ordinated by Professor Davis.

Agenda can be viewed here: GCPH.TRI Transport and Health workshop.22.10.19.Final agenda

The report of the Transport and Health workshop is now available here: Active travel workshop report final.  Thank you to all workshop participants for your contributions.  We hope this report provides a useful concise summary of our discussions on the day.  Links to the presentations are provided as hyperlinks within the report.

The infographic Climate change as a catalyst for sustainable transport infographic has been inspired by our workshop discussions.  It illustrates how climate change can act as a driver for sustainable transport and how sustainable transport can support climate change mitigation.

We believe that the report can support discussions about how we create a more sustainable, healthier and inclusive transport system in Scotland.

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