Cleaner Air for Scotland Review Steering Group

Outdoor activities in Edinburgh

Prof Tom Rye is an invited independent expert member of the Cleaner Air for Scotland Review Steering Group, which is running over the next 4-5 months to identify additional possible actions to further improve air quality in Scotland.  Prof Adrian Davis is chair of the transport working group of the review.

The Review was formally announced by the Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform on 6 November during a visit to British Heart Foundation Scotland’s Centre for Research Excellence.  The Cabinet Secretary said:

“There is a clear relationship between air pollution and human health impacts, and although we have made significant progress over recent years, more remains to be done.”

“The review will bring together research being undertaken by the British Heart Foundation here in Edinburgh and others elsewhere to determine how we as a nation can take further positive steps to mitigate the impact of this hugely important subject.”

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