Dr Nazan Kocak chairs session on ‘New developments in parking’ at 2018 Polis Conference in Manchester

Dr Nazan Kocak was invited to represent Park4SUMP at the Polis Annual Conference in Manchester on 21st November to promote embedding parking control and management into cities’ SUMPs.  She chaired a session on ‘New developments in parking’.

Parking management should be an important part of sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMP) but unfortunately, it is one the most underdeveloped segments. Most EU member states lack national level policy and guidance on parking.  PARK4SUMP aims to change this, because good parking management has proved to be of utmost importance. It frees the public space, supports local businesses, reduces search travel, generates revenue, increases safety, supports urban planning and can make cities more attractive. The general concept is to take the very best parking management examples, contexts and expertise in Europe, learn and profit from these, and transfer them on a large scale and in the best way possible to new cities .

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