Grigorios Fountas wins proposal in internal research funding competition

Grigorios Fountas has been successful in winning his proposal in Edinburgh Napier University’s internal research funding competition.

‘Analysis of the effect of lighting characteristics on motor vehicle accident injury severities using a zero-inflated hierarchical ordered probit approach.’

In modern accident research, various driver, vehicle, accident, roadway and environment specific characteristics have been identified as influential factors of motor vehicle accident injury severities. Lighting characteristics constitute a major class of injury-severity determinants, given that their impact is governed not only but the prevailing lighting conditions during the accident but also by the roadway lighting infrastructure as well as the accident-specific weather conditions. To understand which factors affect the injury-severity outcomes of accidents under various combinations of lighting characteristics and how the impact of such factors may vary across such combinations, zero-inflated hierarchical ordered probit models will be estimated. The findings of this work are expected to serve as input for algorithmic modules for autonomous and connected vehicles and to assist in the identification of appropriate countermeasures in locations with high-severity accidents.

Grigorios will be the Project Lead, with Tom Rye as the Co-Investigator.



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