Prof Tariq Muneer delivers keynote address to Solaris International Conference

As Chairman of Solaris Board, Tariq Muneer will be delivering a keynote address to the Solaris International Conference in Chengdu, China on 30th-31st August.  He will be speaking on solar energy and also presenting work of his PhD students.  The articles will be published in proceedings as well as refereed journal.

The Solaris network was created at Edinburgh Napier University after consultation amongst members from Canada, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Spain, UK and USA. The Solaris conference network provides a platform for meetings for professionals researching into the areas of solar radiation and daylighting to meet, solar energy conversion systems and efficient energy use in the built environment.  The main aim of the conference is presentation of state of the art in the solar energy and building energy research, to establish close contact amongst researchers for dissemination of their research outcomes and facilitate professional collaboration

Tariq Muneer


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