Dr Achille Fonzone and Faqhrul Islam share their research on URTPI with Transport for London

Electric Vehicle Event at the rivers Suite hosted by the Transport Research Institute. Achille Fonzone,, TRI Profile The following vehicles were on display: BMW i3 and i8 Mitsubishi iMev Nissan Leaf Renault Kangoo (electric & hydrogen powered), Zoe and Twizy Tesla S and X

Over the last decade, Ubiquitous real-time passenger information (URTPI) has become popular among public transport passengers. The effectiveness of URTPI, and hence the value of the investments into the necessary systems, can be increased with a clear understanding of how URTPI influences passenger behaviour. However, understanding is still limited and fragmented. This study fills this gap by evaluating the impact of URTPI on bus passenger route choice which has been derived from the work of Faqhrul Islam, a PhD candidate at TRI. The research outcome will benefit transport planners and operators with regard to information provision and efficient demand management. As a part of TRI’s continuous effort in contributing to sustainable urban transport, Faqhrul Islam and Achille Fonzone are taking part in a meeting with Transport for London on 2nd July 2018 to discuss the research aim and the practical implications of the results.

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