Plans for early 2024

A brief round-up of some Social Informatics Research Group members’ plans for this trimester. Busy busy busy!

David Haynes 

  • His main focus is a funding bit for work in Brazil and Scotland on Digital Competence for Online Safety in Schools
  • He is preparing for ISKO 2024 Conference in China in March. 
  • He is having Informal discussions with a potential PhD student who would work on Discoverable AI and Ontologies. The co-supervisor would be Sarah Thomson, who is in Emma Hart‘s Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.
  • A review article on metadata has been accepted for publication in Knowledge Organization. The lead author is Koraljka Golub (Linneas University, Sweden).

Drew Feeney 

Collins Ovie 

  • For his PhD, he is working towards his RD4, and on a pilot study.
  • His abstract for a poster on Safety & Security Practices in the Digital Work Environment has been accepted for the Transdisciplinary Workplace Research Conference TWR 2024 Conference | Hosted by Edinburgh Napier Universityin September.  

Bruce Ryan 

  • He is finishing analysing quantitative data for ‘Community Councils online’.
  • He will then work on funding bids for networking events and other information science topics.
  • Later, he will work on a literature review of access to digital cultural heritage.

Frances Ryan 

  • She is completing her PG Cert work, and working on two papers.
  • She would like to set up a writing day, where she and colleagues can work without distractions.

Rachel Salzano 

Ella Taylor-Smith 

  • She is working on the results of the SCEBE student survey, looking at the impacts of gender and gender imbalance on courses.
  • She is analysing data, using Activity Theory, for the Council of Heads of Computing on training for workplace mentors.
  • She is Equate staff champion for Edinburgh Napier University, currently encouraging SCEBE students (all genders) to go to Equate Scotland’s free student conference, Know Your Worth, on 21st February 2024, Heriot-Watt University (also includes a tour of the Robotarium.
  • She is finishing papers with Khristin FabianSally Smith, and other colleagues.

Marianne Wilson 

  • She is working a paper on the Delphi Study with career practitioners on chatbots from her PhD research.
  • She has been invited to co-host a webinar on AI in career practice for the Career Industry Council of Australia

Image-credit: John Tann, via Flikr

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