Introducing Collins Ovie

About me

In 2017, I embarked on a transformative journey when I began my MBA program at Edinburgh Napier Business School. During this enriching experience, I acquired a solid foundation in business leadership, management, and organizational change. Following on from my MBA, in 2021, I reached another milestone in my academic journey by attaining an MSc in Computing from Edinburgh Napier University. This program deepened my expertise in information security and privacy, equipping me with advanced skills in logical and analytical research. It also empowered me to efficiently manage demanding workloads while successfully completing multiple IT projects utilizing tools such as Python, MariaDB, and PowerBI, addressing diverse topics like ERP, Quantum Computing in Finance, and Sentiment Analysis.

Between 2017 and 2019, I was an International Student Ambassador at Edinburgh Napier University, where I had the privilege of representing the institution. Napier offered me several other opportunities including the chance to proudly represent the university in an Enterprise Challenge held in Germany and successfully securing a ¬£1000 Small Project & Mobility grant for a research project in Kenya. 

Prior to embarking on my PhD journey, my career encompassed diverse roles. I have worked as a Business Analyst, Data Analyst, and Technical Specialist, across the public and private sectors. However, my professional journey began during my MBA with a rewarding 3-month summer placement as a Strategy Analyst and a 6-month placement as a Data Insight Analyst during my MSc.

Throughout my academic pursuit, I’ve had the privilege of building valuable connections and collaborations with esteemed faculty members at Edinburgh Napier University, including Dr Anita Ogilvie, Dr Emilia Sobolewska, Dr Miles Weaver, and many others. The opportunity to work under the guidance of Dr David Haynes and Dr Peter Cruickshank, who supervised my MSc Quantum Computing research, aligns seamlessly with my future career goals. It offers me the chance to contribute my existing knowledge, experience, and skills to Edinburgh Napier University once again.

About my research

My research hinges on the critical issue of enhancing online workplace safety, an important concern in an era where digital literacy among government employees is increasingly vital. My primary objective is to underscore the importance of ongoing awareness promotion within government organizations to mitigate cyber incidents stemming from remote work arrangements.

My research will delve into the levels of awareness regarding the privacy and security implications of remote work among government officials. Additionally, it will explore the evaluation of privacy and security risks associated with remote work, framed within the context of digital literacy. Furthermore, I will investigate the adaptability of employers in providing personalized privacy and security training to establish a secure framework for remote work.

A pivotal aspect of my research involves understanding the responses of both employees and government organizations to cyber breaches, as well as the processes followed by remote workers in recognizing and reporting such incidents. I am deeply passionate about this research, as the rapidly evolving technological landscape underscores the imperative need to enhance digital literacy, online safety, and the development of training programs that address contemporary issues such as privacy, cyberbullying, information sharing, and online workplace safety.

Edinburgh Napier University holds a special place in my heart, and Edinburgh is where I truly feel at home. While the journey toward a PhD may appear daunting, I am confident in the support and connections I have cultivated at Napier, and I am eager to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in these core areas.

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