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Dr Hazel Hall, Professor: Hazel’s main research interests lie in information behaviour and use, online communities and collaboration, library and information science research, and impact.


Dr David Brazier, Lecturer: David researches information interactions of users in online environments, web search, and e-government platforms, with particular interests in information seeking behaviours and information literacy.

Pritam Chita, Lecturer: In his research, Pritam uses Activity Theory to explore project management.

Dr Peter Cruickshank, Associate Professor: Peter’s main area of research is the information practices involved in the use of Internet technologies around identity, and participation in democratic processes.

Dr Wegene Demeke, Lecturer: Wegene’s research focuses on the interactions between technology and society, including the adoption of ICT and their impacts.

Dr Brian Detlor, Visiting Professor: Brian’s research interests lie at the intersection of users, information, and information systems, with a focus on digital literacy. Brian is based at McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.

Dr Khristin Fabian, Research Fellow: Khristin’s research interests lie in ICT in education, including user engagement in online learning environments, adoption and evaluation of learning technologies.

Dr David Haynes, Lecturer: David’s research focuses on the regulation of the digital environment with a focus on privacy and risk, with a strong interest in the ways that knowledge organisation systems can be used to improve information governance and online safety.

Debbie Meharg, Associate Professor: Debbie’s research interests lie in the impact of technology on policy issues, especially as related to gender.

Dr Bruce Ryan, Senior Research Fellow: Bruce’s research is mainly concerned with the use of ICT in government at hyperlocal levels, and patients’ information use/non-use in healthcare settings. Bruce also contributes to CSI’s information literacy research.

Dr Frances Ryan, Lecturer: Frances’ research focuses on information sharing and use in online environments, especially as it relates to everyday life and ‘lived’ or real-world experiences.

Dr Colin Smith, Associate Professor: Colin’s research examines the relationships between ICTs, innovation and organisational change, particularly in the contexts of e-government and e-democracy.

Dr Ella Taylor-Smith, Senior Research Fellow: Ella’s research within the Centre for Social Informatics focuses on the use of online and offline spaces in democracy. She is also interested in digital skills/careers and creative research methods.

Dr Gemma Webster, Lecturer: Gemma’s main research interests lie in the field of human computer interaction, with a focus on health care, older adults, and community and assistive technologies.