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Dr Diane Rasmussen McAdie (was: Pennington), Professor: Diane’s current areas of focus are ethical cataloguing, non-textual metadata, social media, and online health information provision. • @infogamerist •


Dr David Brazier, Lecturer: David researches information interactions of users in online environments, web search, and e-government platforms, with a focus on information seeking behaviours and information literacy.

Dr Pritam Chita, Lecturer: In his research, Pritam uses Activity Theory to explore project management.

Dr Peter Cruickshank, Associate Professor: Peter’s main research interest is information practices in the use of Internet technologies in respect of  identity, and participation in democratic processes.

Dr Elisabeth Davenport, Emeritus Professor: Lizzie established the Centre for Social Informatics in the late 1990s, and led the work of the group until her retirement in 2008. She continues to be involved in the work of the group as Emeritus Professor.  

Dr Brian Detlor, Visiting Professor: Brian’s research interests lie at the intersection of users, information, and information systems, with a focus on digital literacy. He is based at McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.

Dr Khristin Fabian, Research Fellow: Khristin’s research focus is ICT in education, including user engagement in online learning, and the adoption and evaluation of learning technologies.

Dr Hazel Hall, Emeritus Professor: Hazel’s main research interests are information behaviour and use, online communities and collaboration, library and information science research, and impact. Hazel led the research group between 2009 and 2022.

Dr David Haynes, Lecturer: David’s research concerns the regulation of the digital environment, with a focus on privacy and risk and knowledge organisation systems to improve information governance and online safety.

Dr Debbie Meharg, Associate Professor: Debbie researches the impact of technology on policy issues, especially as related to gender.

Dr Bruce Ryan, Senior Research Fellow: Bruce’s main research interests are ICT in government, patients’ information use/non-use, and information literacy research.

Dr Frances Ryan, Lecturer: Frances’ research focuses on information sharing and use in online environments, especially as it relates to everyday life and ‘lived’ or real-world experiences.

Dr Colin Smith, Associate Professor: Colin’s research examines the relationships between ICTs, innovation and organisational change.

Dr Ella Taylor-Smith, Senior Research Fellow: Ella researches the use of online and offline spaces in democracy. She is also interested in digital skills/careers and creative research methods.

Dr John Paul Vargheese, Lecturer: JP’s research focuses on the application of persuasive technologies
and behaviour change interventions to address interdisciplinary challenges in areas such as health
and social care and human factors in cybersecurity.

Dr Gemma Webster, Lecturer: Gemma’s main research interests lie in the field of human computer interaction, with a focus on health care, older adults, and community/assistive technologies.