Research students

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Najla Alamri: In 2021/2, Najla completed her part-time doctoral study on interactive education for female students in Saudi Higher Education. She will graduate with her PhD in July 2022.

Aleksander Bielinski: In his Skills Development Scotland/ESRC-funded doctoral study, Alex is investigating the use of machine learning and natural language processing to enhance labour market intelligence.

Maria Cecil: In her Skills Development Scotland/ESRC funded doctoral research, Maria is exploring gendered information landscapes and their impact on routes into, and through, apprenticeships. She is currently completing her MSc(R) in Science and Technology Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

Thokozani Kachale: In his doctoral study, Thoko is adopting an organisational evolutionary approach to investigate the interactions of information systems and organisational strategies, using a range of methods of data collection.

John Marshall: John’s Skills Development Scotland/ESRC-funded doctoral research is concerned with work-based learning environments for fostering industry-relevant skills and optimal economic performance. • @JohnMarTweets

Marina Milosheva: In her Skills Development Scotland/ESRC-funded doctoral study, Marina is developing theoretical insight on the enhancement of career information literacy and career decision-making skills of young people. •

Rachel Salzano: The focus of Rachel’s PhD research is the ways in which culture influences the use of public library resources amongst newcomer populations •

Katherine Stephen: Katherine’s Skills Development Scotland/ESRC-funded doctoral research centres on metaskills development in the workplace, tacit knowledge, experiential learning across disciplines and industries, and information literacy as a capacity to work within a dynamic, socio-technological process. •

Natalie Wangler: Natalie is working on a doctoral study on the links between levels of trust in digitisation and democratic thinking.

Marianne Wilson: In her Skills Development Scotland/ESRC-funded doctoral research Marianne is exploring the ethical and effective application of artificial intelligence dialogue systems to support the delivery of careers guidance in Scotland. • @marianne_clare