What is career information literacy and what can it do for you? Talk at the “Cape Peninsula University of Technology” (CPUT) Libraries’ workplace information literacy seminar

Later this week, Social Informatics research student Marina Milosheva will present an overview of her doctoral work at the second “Research and Information Literacy Skills in the Workplace” seminar hosted by Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) Libraries. The seminar will run over two days, on 2-3 November 2022. See the full seminar programme here.

This hybrid event – hosted in-person at CPUT’s Belville campus in Cape Town, South Africa, with virtual participation options – brings together academics, librarians, industry partners and alumni to discuss issues related to information literacy skills in the workplace.

The purpose of the seminar will be to start a dialogue about the preparation of students for industry. This dialogue will help CPUT libraries and the broader university community to enhance the information literacy curriculum, and deliver graduates who can make a positive impact within the workplace.

In her presentation, Marina will introduce her working definition of career information literacy, and talk about the differences between employability, workplace and career information literacy. She will also dedicate some time to talk about the role of academics, librarians and policymakers in supporting the development of career information literacy competencies in citizens.

This seminar is an excellent opportunity for international knowledge exchange and collaboration between Scottish and South African scholars. Marina is proud to represent her university on the global stage, and to bring in insight from the European school of thought of information literacy to the event.

What is career information literacy and what can it do for you? Link to slides

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