CSI at ASIST 24-hour Global Conference

The ASIST 24-hour Global Conference is a virtual event that runs from 26th to 27th April 2022, covering all time zones. Five members of the Centre for Social Informatics submitted four presentation proposals based on their research conducted at Edinburgh Napier University. We are delighted that all were accepted for the Europe/Africa programme. They are:

  1. ‘Evaluation of inequalities of access in UK online digital collections: a systematic review’ by Dr David Brazier and Dr Bruce Ryan, with Dr Paul Gooding of the University of Glasgow
  2. ‘A participative approach to understanding the hidden curriculum: lessons from three virtual information needs workshops’ by Dr David Brazier and Marina Milosheva
  3. ‘A study of online safety and digital literacy of academic researchers working from home during the COVID19 pandemic’ by Dr David Haynes and Rachel Salzano
  4. ‘Research in times of crisis: adaptations of research due to the COVID-19 pandemic’ by Marina Milosheva and Rachel Salzano

In addition, our colleague Dr Khristin Fabian, will co-present on open educational resources, drawing on research conducted at the University of Highlands and Islands.

We were also pleased to learn that our Visiting Professor Dr Brian Detlor will deliver the invited closing keynote address for the Americas time zone programme. His presentation is entitled ‘Promoting networking, sharing, and learning for marginalized populations through community-led digital literacy training’.

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