Poster session at the Edinburgh Napier University Teaching Fellows conference 2016

Last week we took along two posters to the Edinburgh Napier University’s Teaching Fellows conference #tfconf2016 poster session. Thoroughly enjoyed speaking to researchers, PhD students and academics at the university and we also found that people appreciated having us thereto chat about our posters. Which posters did we take? The Repository statistics poster which turns dull stats into something colourful and visually engaging, and the Will your publications be ready for next REF? poster asks some pertinent questions about making sure your work will be eligible.

A4 Repository Infographic FINAL

The Repository infographic stats show that when your work is in the Repository it hasn’t been placed in a dark dusty storage place where it never sees the light of day again, far from it! Repository items have been downloaded in countries all over the world and many, many times over.

Will your publications be ready for the next REF? is a timely reminder that although the last REF has just finished, the next one is coming up and we need to be ready for it. Nobody wants their hard work to be all for nothing because a deadline has been missed or we’ve lost the evidence of acceptance for a piece of research.

REF poster A1

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