Open Access checklist for Universities published

The European Universities Association has published ‘Open Access Checklist for Universities: a practical guide for implementation’. This document is designed to help universities develop and implement an open access policy for their institution. The general guide is aimed at researchers, librarians and university management.  There are points to consider, including benefits and challenges of implementing an open access policy and contains links to useful resources.

Findings from the EUA survey on Open Access in 2014 are included in this publication. Survey results showed there was a need for guidelines on implementing open access policy and this checklist has been developed to meet that need.

EUA will conduct another Open Access survey, probably in late 2015, to build up a body of evidence on open access policies in European universities. A new expert group with a wider remit is being established. This group is to focus on a number of topics eg. the ‘Science 2.0′ movement, open data and text and data mining, and support EUA work on open access.